Tips to help overcome your little one’s persistent cough and flu

Jakarta, 14 July 2023 – In the last few months, air quality in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, has fallen into the unhealthy category. An article on the Indonesian breath website states that the air quality index (AQI) in Jakarta this month is at level 4, namely 158 AQI, which means unhealthy. At level 4, the respiratory and heart systems in children and even adults are at risk of experiencing serious health situations.

The large number of motorized vehicles, the behavior of burning rubbish, and the decreasing intensity of rainfall are the main factors causing air quality in Jakarta and surrounding areas in Indonesia to get worse every day.

This poor air quality condition can affect health, especially breathing. If you look at age levels, children are the age group most vulnerable to catching flu and coughs due to poor air quality.

“Children are the most vulnerable group. This is because the immune system in children is still not mature.” Said Dr. Carlinda Nekawaty as medical expert at Pyridam Farma.

Furthermore, Dr. Carlinda Nekawaty explained that flu and coughs are common illnesses, parents don’t need to worry. Here are some tips to help overcome persistent coughs and flu in children:

  1. Give your little one enough drinking water.
    To help care for your little one during colds and coughs, mothers can ensure that their little one gets enough fluids by giving them enough water to prevent them from becoming dehydrated. If your little one is under 6 months old, the mother can provide enough breast milk for her little one. This method can help your little one to remove annoying mucus from their body.
  2. Make sure your little one gets enough rest.
    Children who have flu and coughs sometimes become more irritable than usual and sometimes their little ones have difficulty sleeping. In this condition, mothers can accompany their little ones and ensure they get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep can help speed up your little one’s healing. Apart from that, it is best for your little one to temporarily reduce their playing activities outside the home until their flu and cough symptoms improve.
  3. Keep your little one away from foods and drinks that cause coughing
    When your child coughs, make sure your child does not consume foods and drinks that can cause coughing, such as sweet drinks, cold drinks, and spicy and fried foods. When your little one has a cough or flu, the mother can give her little one food with warm soup which can help relieve the itchy feeling in the throat and overcome a blocked nose.
  4. Give your little one special cough medicine for children
    Apart from using the various methods above, mothers can give their little ones special cough medicine for children. This method is effective in helping your little one’s cough. Before giving cough medicine, mothers should first consult a doctor regarding their child’s illness. Giving cough medicine to your little one must be in accordance with the recommended dosage and follow the instructions for use stated on the packaging label.

“Apart from these 4 tips, the main thing that needs to be done is to prevent coughs and flu from occurring in your little one, namely paying attention to balanced nutrition so that your immune system is maintained, your little one is still advised to wear a mask when outside the house, and completing your little one’s immunizations.” Said Dr. Carlinda Nekawaty.

By following these 4 tips and how to prevent them, it is hoped that your little one will be able to carry out daily activities amidst Indonesia’s increasingly deteriorating air quality.

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