About us

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PT. Holi Pharma was founded in 1968, which was originally named PT. NDAHOLI.

Located at Jalan Leuwigajah No. 100, Cimahi, occupies a three-storey building with a building area of ​​approximately ± 1000 m².
We have more than 50 years of experience and currently we have GMP certificates covering:
Ordinary non-antibiotic tablets
Non-Antibiotic Oral Liquid
Antibiotic Oral Liquid
Non-sterile non-antibiotic external drug liquid
Non Antibiotic Hard Capsules
Antibiotic Hard Capsules
Non-antibiotic ointment
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PT. Holi Pharma continues to strive to increase the type and number of products produced.

Along with the dynamic regulations regarding the pharmaceutical industry which must periodically follow GMP standards, in May 2007, repairs and expansion of the factory were carried out so that the total building area became ± 4000 m², thus it is hoped that there will be an increase in the quality and quantity of production. Therefore the market segment policy for Generic Drugs with the Logo (OGB) and trademarks is maintained.

PT. Holi Pharma History

Since its establishment in 1968, we have made many changes and developments for the betterment of the company.


The transfer of ownership of the company led by Mr. Hernawan Tjahyana as the Board of Directors

October 2002

transfer of ownership of the company led by Mr. Ruddy Bambang Sukmana as Director. The distributor at that time was PT. Surya Sarana manunggal with address Jl. Central White Cempaka No. 10 Central Jakarta

August 2021

PT. Holi Pharma was acquired by PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk


PT. Holi Pharma was established


change of company name from PT. NDAHOLI changed to PT. HOLI PHARMA, with the share holder at that time being PT. Barito Budi Pharmindo (Holding Company) as distribution company PT. Barito Budi Pharmindo which has several branches in Indonesia.

May 2007

Ownership moved and led by Mr. Bedjo Stefanus as President Director.