Cares for Your Health

Cares for Your Health



PT. Holi Pharma

We are a Pharmaceutical Company with 50 Years of Experience

Our products have met the International Level and Requirement.



About us

Cares For Your Health

PT. Holi Pharma was founded in 1968, which was originally named PT. NDAHOLI, which is located at Jalan Leuwigajah No. 100, Cimahi, occupies a three-story building with a building area of ​​approximately ± 1000 m²

50+ Years Experience and consistently meet GMP Standard

We are always try to do innovation and continually develop our products to take “Care For Your Health”.

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Years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.


Improving the skills and skills of human resources
Marketing with the concept of mutual benefit
Consistently meet GMP standards
Increasing company efficiency in all aspects
Quality Policy Environment Policy

Quality Policy PT. Holi Pharma

1. One step to maintain and improve the achievement of customer satisfaction.
2. By implementing the Quality Policy, we unite the vision, mission, determination and steps only to provide the best for the satisfaction of our customers.
3. PT. Holi Pharma wants to become a National Asset (with the desire that tomorrow will be better than today, so we strive so that in the future PT. Holi Pharma will become a company that is reckoned with and become a National Asset).
4. PT. Holi Pharma strives to provide added value to all partners and customers so that we continue to provide the best service and improve existing deficiencies.

Environment Policy PT. Holi Pharma

  1. Implement and develop an Environmental Policy that refers to applicable laws and standards.
  2. Take steps to prevent and minimize the occurrence of pollution to the environment.
  3. Conduct evaluations to improve environmental performance in a sustainable manner, with reference to: “Maintaining Cleanliness and Environmental Ecosystems.”
  4. Dispose of waste according to its type in the place provided, namely: B3 and Non B3 or Organic and Inorganic.