Holi Pharma Collaborates with Indonesian Distributors to Accelerate Expansion and Expand Market Reach

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Cimahi, 20 April 2022 – Holi Pharma always innovates to realize its vision, mission and the best service in an effort to maintain the health of all Indonesian people. Holi Pharma is now starting to collaborate with various distributors in Indonesia to strengthen relationships, increase marketing activities, and expand the product distribution coverage area. Holi Pharma will also improve the quality and quantity of the Sales Marketing team to facilitate communication and provide the best service to distributors.

Pyridam Farma (PYFA) also supports Holi Pharma’s expansion efforts with distributors because this is in line with the vision and mission of Holi Pharma, which is to make all Indonesian people healthy. PYFA’s concrete support can be seen in the first quarter of 2022 after PYFA officially acquired Holi Pharma, where sales of Holi Pharma increased by 145% compared to the first quarter of the previous year.

Yenfrino Gunadi as Director of Holi Pharma and CFO of Pyridam Farma stated, “Holi Pharma’s collaboration with various Indonesian distributors is something we are doing to expand our marketing reach. With this collaboration, we are sure that our services will further develop and be able to meet the needs of the community.”

Holi Pharma hopes that by establishing cooperation with distributors, all Holi Pharma customers in various regions in Indonesia can easily get Holi Pharma products at the nearest store and maintain the health of the Indonesian people.

About Holi Pharma

PT Holi Pharma is a company engaged in the pharmaceutical sector located in Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia and has been established since 1968. At the end of 2021, PT Holi Pharma was acquired by PT Pyridam Farma Tbk.

PT Holi Pharma produces a wide range of medicines from various therapeutic areas in the form of syrups, tablets/caplets, capsules, semi-solid, and external liquid medicines. The company has more than 150 product SKUs with a combination of generic and branded products that include drugs, antibiotics, vitamins, and supplements.

For more information contact:

Kezia Mareshah

Corporate Communication Manager Pyridam Farma (PYFA)

Email: corcomm@pyfa.co.id

Phone number: 08118010391

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